Sprint Commercial Cleaning

Office cleaning

We provide general office cleaning services on a scheduled basis. As opposed to many other cleaning companies, we do not lock you into a service contract. The reason is simple; we expect to earn your business month after month, year after year. You should continue doing business with us only if we earn the right. If you find yourself in a situation where your facility's cleaning standards have been lowered by your current service, we have a structure in place to bring your facility up to your standard.

*We do not charge extra money for office cleaning. We consider this an investment into a long term relationship we desire with your company.

Floor Cleaning

We provide comprehensive floor care services to compliment our office cleaning program. Regardless of the type of floors you have, properly maintaining them on a regular basis is important in enhancing the image you want your facility to project.

Our list of services include but are not limited to:

•Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

•Stripping and waxing 
We will completely strip all old wax and apply fresh coats of wax.

•Scrub and re-coat
We will scrub the top coats of old wax and apply fresh coats of wax.

We will conduct a low speed spray buffing to remove any stubborn black scuff marks or a dry buffing to restore a shiny look to your floors. 


•Hot water extraction cleaning

•Monthly spot cleaning

•High volume traffic cleaning

Here at Sprint cleaning, we offer multiple services to keep your workplace clean.